LaRouche Comments: The Demise Of The "Will-Be-Gone" Tony Blair

10 de may de 2007

<body><div id="article"><tr><td height="28" valign="middle" width="184"></td><td valign="middle" width="185"></td></tr><h1>LaRouche Comments: The Demise Of The "Will-Be-Gone" Tony Blair</h1><p>May 10 (LPAC) -- Defiant to the end on his role in toppling Saddam Hussein and launching the criminal Iraq War, Tony Blair visited his constituency of Sedgfield to announce the date when he would tender his resignation to the Queen: June 27th. While he did not endorse Chancellor Gordon Brown as his successor in this speech, Tinny Blair is apparently to do so tomorrow, when he flies to France to welcome Nicolas Sarkozy's election victory, according to The Guardian. Simultaneous with Blare's speech, Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott announced that he would be stepping down, too. The National Executive of the Labour Party will begin mapping plans for the succession election in both posts.</p><p>Lyndon LaRouche, asked to comment on Blair's announcement, said: "A man of such limited intellect and limited morals, to have such an impact on history, is astonishing."</p></div></body>