Sarcozying Up With Fascism

10 de may de 2007

<body><div id="article"><tr><td height="28" valign="middle" width="184"></td><td valign="middle" width="185"></td></tr><h1>Sarcozying Up With Fascism</h1><p>May 10 (EIRNS)--Lyndon LaRouche says: "It has become clear today, that Sarkozy's victory in France has been used as a signal for openly unifying the fascists inside the U.S. Democratic Party and elsewhere, in the United States and internationally, to come politically out in the open in support of an avalanche of would-be Hitlers," from around the Transatlantic world west of the borders of Russia and Belarus.</p><p>LaRouche said this afternoon, as he pointed to the pattern of international developments, since the announcement of the election victory of the anti-Gaullist, pro-Bush Administration French Presidential candidate, "The pattern of developments, globally, over the past 24-48 hours, is clear. The pattern points clearly to the fact that the pro- fascist enthusiasts for Sarkozy's most recent statements of his policies, including those within the U.S. political system, have exposed themselves more or less openly, as from inside the Democratic Party." LaRouche explained, "They, especially certain Democrats and other LaRouche haters associated with fascist ideologue and financier Felix Rohatyn, are coming out in the open in response to Sarkozy's unveiling his naked, Vichy-like political self in the aftermath of his electoral victory."</p><p>In those remarks from Europe yesterday, LaRouche took special note of the pattern set by the fascist banker Felix Rohatyn effusively praising Sarkozy's victory. In fact, Sarkozy's victory, has been the occasion for rallying to support of fascists such as Rohatyn by notable figures of the Socialist Party of France, and elsewhere, including the circles of now open adversary of former President Bill Clinton, and also Hilary Clinton, the overtly fascist-linked Al Gore.</p><p>LaRouche elaborated: "The fascist international is coming out in the open. You have fascist bankers, like Felix Rohatyn and so forth, who are coming out in the open around the Sarkozy victory in the election in France, and around the Chilean operation of Al Gore." A virtual avalanche of clearly pro-fascist forces drawn from both nominal right and nominal left, such as fascist supporter of the Pinochet Regime, Felix Rohatyn, has burst suddenly into the open, as a pattern, since the announcement of Sarkozy's victory.</p><p>Amid this, LaRouche emphasized, "We have the coincidence of the policies for medical help for African victims of deadly diseases such as HIV, from former President Bill Clinton, and the brutish let-them-die for the sake of 'globalization,' from former Clinton Vice-President, and virtual traitor to his President, Al Gore."</p><p>For example: That same Al Gore is scheduled to speak in Chile and Argentina on May 11, on the subject of global warming. He was invited to Chile by Sebastian Pinera, one of the leading figures from pro-Pinochet circles in that country. The nazi Pinochet coup of 1973 was orchestrated by, among others, Felix Rohatyn, then on the board of ITT.</p><p>LaRouche explained, "Rohatyn supported the fascist regime in Chile, and, now, the remnants of the fascist regime in Chile are supporting both Gore and the Rohatyn faction of the Democratic Party: returning the favor."</p><p>Addressing the strategic import of these developments, LaRouche stated: "You are at the point that the entire international financial system is already disintegrating. Most of the countries of Western and Central Europe--as in Britain, as in Belgium, and so forth--are now, as we will see soon with Sarkozy's in France, these countries are ungovernable.</p><p>"We have the similar ungovernability of the United States that is occurring, centered around the current policies of the Democratic Leadership Council in the U.S., with factors like the fascist Rohatyn--who <em>is</em> a fascist--coming out in the open.</p><p>"You are at a point where either you go ahead with a Roosevelt- style policy, which I have outlined and indicated the global need for, either you go ahead {now} or, boys and girls, get ready for hell coming very soon! If you are waiting for hell, all you have to do is not change the policies of the Democratic Party, and you will probably get it very soon.</p><p>"The alignment, coming together around the Sarkozy victory, is an alignment which is a World War III-type alignment. But you are also getting a {Eurasian} alignment--with an emphasis on Asia-- realizing the danger coming from the fascist tendencies inside Europe and the United States. So you are getting an Asian bloc that is emerging, against the fascist bloc which is emerging around the election of Sarkozy.</p><p>"Thus the urgency of the kind of four-power partnership which I have discussed--among Russia, China, India, and a United States returned to the FDR-tradition--to stop this drive for war and fascism."</p><p>In concluding his remarks, Lyndon LaRouche warned: "Many leading, but, one hopes, only temporarily deranged leading Democratic Party figures, have joined in de facto support of Gore's 'Global Warming' swindle, against the demands from a majority of the active Democratic Party base, and also similar demands from growing numbers of Republicans, for the expulsion of beastly lying Felix Rohatyn ally and Vice-President Dick Cheney. Unless the leadership of the Democratic Party is purged of this corrupt influence, typified by opposition to the Cheney impeachment, there is no barrier this side of Asia likely to prevent the plunge into a fascist takeover of power within both North America and western and central Europe."</p><p>30-30-30</p></div></body>