Lord Beaverbrook’s Minion Conrad Black Sentenced To At Least 6.5 Years; Will Murdoch Be Next?

10 de diciembre de 2007

December 10, 2007 (LPAC)— Lord Beaverbrook’s soul, Sir Rupert Murdoch and Lord Conrad Black are inevitably doomed to fail. This is typified by the British Empire’s second generation lackey Lord Conrad Black, who was sentenced Monday to at least 6.5 years in a minimum security federal prison in Florida, for milking millions out of his media conglomerate, Hollinger International. The former Hollinger CEO, who has funded neo-con "think-tanks" such as the American Enterprise Institute and the Hudson Institute, was convicted in July of mail fraud and obstruction of justice, and acquitted on nine other counts. He plans to appeal the conviction.

The Canadian Press reports that the former Canadian received the minimum sentence (6.5-8.1 years) allowed under the guidelines used by Federal Judge Amy St. Eve in Chicago. He will not have to report to prison until March 3.

For the inquisitive reader, LPAC presents to you, from our archives, a brief history about the little lord; it is the following:

During the early twentieth century, Conrad Black's father, George Montagu Black, worked directly under the British Empire’s Lord Beaverbrook chain of command during World War II, when Beaverbrook (Max Aitken) was Minister of Aircraft Production, and when Black and Edward Plunkett Taylor ran the Canadian front company War Supplies, Ltd. out of the Willard Hotel in Washington, coordinating all British-American-Canadian military procurement arrangements.

At the time, there was $1.3 billion garnered by Taylor and George Black from their wartime "private" arms deals providing the seed money for George Montagu Black's postwar launching of the Argus Corp., which, today, is the Hollinger Corporation, the media empire, which was headed by the newly arriving jail bird Conrad Black.

When Conrad headed Hollinger, the conglomerate controlled hundreds of newspapers worldwide, including a chain of Canadian papers, the Chicago Sun-Times, the Jerusalem Post, and the London Telegraph. Now that this rotten financial system, called “globalization”, is finally finished, not only will this be a moment for sane and moral economic policies to come to fruition, but all the immoral usurers will go to Hell with this system.

Hey Murdoch, you might not like jail, but Satan is waiting!

The reader must draw their attention to the latest intelligence profile of [a:href="\/static\/2007\/12\/10\/myspace-murdochs-nuremberg-rally.html"]Sir Rupert and his fascist intelligence operation called MySpace.[/a]