Flint Michigan Greets LYM and HBPA Legislation With Cheers

15 de noviembre de 2007

November 15, 2007 (LPAC)--The LaRouche Youth Movement was very well received by the Flint, MI City Council, when three Youth Movement members addressed the crowd with LaRouche's Homeowners and Bank Protection Act during the "public comment" section of the City Council meeting. This city council meeting was just one of eight attended by the LaRouche Youth Movement in states all around the country that night. The youth speakers received a more energized applause than any one else, and the heads of the councilors were nodding in agreement each time the words "systemic crisis" were used. One of the LYM speakers was called back up to the microphone to further elaborate on his comments about natural law. Several council members scheduled follow-up meetings with the LYM to discuss further action on the HBPA, which could possibly make Flint the second city in Michigan (following Pontiac) and the seventh city in the nation to call on Congress to implement LaRouche's legislation.

Flint, well known because of Michael Moore's documentary film "Roger and Me", was formerly a manufacturing hub for the U.S. auto industry, and is now a poster city for the devastation globalization has wrought on the physical economy.

At the end of the meeting, LaRouche's "[a:href="\/news\/2007\/08\/21\/end-our-delusion.html"]End of Our Delusion[/a]" books were gobbled up like hot cakes by both councilors and the fifty or so audience members.