California Democrats Demand Impeachment; LaRouche Youth Movement Leads The Fight

29 de abril de 2007

San Diego (LPAC) April 29--The California Democratic Party, at its closing plenary session of its weekend convention, today approved a package of resolutions that contains a resolution calling for a Congressional investigation of wrongdoing by the Bush/Cheney Administration, with the specification of impeachment, among those punitive actions that are to be pursued if findings warrant. The resolution is fundamentally the same as a limited "investigations" call, passed in 2006, but the specific inclusion of "impeachment" comes out of a fight which began in the Resolutions Committee meeting Friday afternoon, reflecting the impact of the LaRouche Youth Movement/LPAC throughout the convention. "An impeachment victory," was the expression used by one Resolutions Committee member from Los Angeles. Just before the start of last night's Resolutions Committee session, a LYM chorus sang the "Impeachment Cheney Canon," to a packed chamber. As one person on hand remarked, "It was well-tuned, well-modulated, and well received."

The sequence of events concerning this particular resolution went as follows, according to a firsthand report. About 2000 to 2200 delegates came to the state Democratic Convention in San Diego.

The 20-person Resolutions Committee had its first session Friday evening, at which time four resolutions concerning impeachment were raised. One resolution called for Bush's impeachment, one called for both Cheney and Bush to be impeached, and two called for Cheney's impeachment, including a resolution submitted by the LYM which had previously been passed by the Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee. The Progressive Democrats with Kucinich, and the LaRouche Democrats were ready for action. The authors of each of the resolutions were allowed to address the Resolutions Committee, emphasizing the urgency of impeachment and demanding that the Democratic Party show guts on the issue. However, the Committee punted, and called for the re-adoption of the Party's 2006 resolution, calling for only an "investigation by Congress" of Administration wrongdoings. Many backers of impeachment were deflated by the retreat. The LYM continued discussion with members of both the PDA and the Resolutions Committee, and later in the evening several Committee members hashed out a compromise resolution with the PDA that included a formulation on the option for the impeachment of both Bush and Cheney.

The LYM and others continued the fight over the next day, as the time for the second scheduled meeting of the Resolutions Committee approached. Two key developments occurred. Progressive Caucus/Kucinich activists asked the LYM Chorus to sing at the start of the 5:30 p.m. Resolutions Committee meeting. Also, word came in that the Louisiana state Democratic Party executive committee on Saturday approved the Kucinich Bill of Impeachment for Cheney.

At 5:30 p.m., the Resolutions Committee room was filled to standing room only with 200-250 people.

The Kucinich/Progressive Caucus leaders calmly asked everyone present to listen, to not make noise, not be rude, make no demonstrations, and to not antagonize the Committee. (One Democratic Party delegate has pointed out that this Committee is known for its stoicism). Then the 40-voice LYM chorus began the piece (to the tune of In Arm der Liebe): "Mr. Cheney, rest you well, rest you well, down in hell.."! The effect was electric. There were cheers, shouts of, "I want to hear," and a few hoots and hollers. Two people danced with joy.

The Committee then unanimously passed the compromise resolution, which was later passed by the convention delegates from the floor. They retained the limited text of last year's resolution, but added to it. In essence, it states that if a Congressional investigation finds that crimes have been committed by the Administration, follow-up should be pursued to the fullest. Punitive action should be taken, including impeachment. The latter was the addition.

The California Democratic Party is the largest of any state in the nation.